Electrical muscle stimulation – FAQs

Learn more about this athletic training enhancer and rehabilitation technology and how it can help you:
What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?
EMS is the use of electrical impulses that causes muscle contractions. It is a tool used by body builders, athletes and physical therapy patients to strengthen muscles using an electrical charge, not by traditional contraction methods caused by the user from the nervous system. During EMS the electric charge is sent via electrodes attached to the skin surface.
Why is it Beneficial?
  • It can strengthen and tone muscles that are not in use, or able to be used due to injury
  • It can also increase the time a muscle can be contracted, to strengthen, tone and tighten muscle fiber
  • It enhances power, performance and muscular enhancements 

What Are The Side Effects?
There are few side effects of EMS, such as skin irritations at the site of the electrode application. Headaches and other irritations or painful sensations can also occur when the unit is applied near the head and neck area. Painful muscles may occur if the units are used on afflicted joints or atrophied muscles, or muscles with other types of common issues like spasms. Using the units in excess may also cause pain in the muscles and joints.