Meet Christine

I am a slimming and wellness enthusiast. At Sally, we want every customer to feel at home and taken care of. We’re passionate about weight-loss and helping people of all ages feel and look their best. That’s why we’ve brought on some of the leading brands and products from around the world, all tried and tested, to help you reach your goals.

Every customer gets to enjoy their own cubicle in a relaxing and professional atmosphere. Our well-trained and qualified therapists are standing by to provide you with excellent slimming service or an indulgent treatment in a tranquil setting.

Meet Carla

Hi, My Name is Carla Raubenheimer, I’m a qualified Somotolagist and Aesthetic Therapist with 6 years of experience. With my passion being personal betterment, I have completed over 50 industry related courses and I plan to do many more to continue helping as many people as possible.  My outlook has always been, no matter what the situation you are dealt with, you should always take care of yourself and feel good at all times. Hold yourself to a higher standard and be confident in your own skin.

I have had the greatest opportunity to travel the world to learn a tremendous amount about the beauty industry from doctors, acupuncturist and fitness instructors.  It helped me so much in making a difference and assisting people to become the best possible versions of themselves. With this I have realized that weight loss is not the easiest journey, but together we can accomplish anything. I aim to help you realise that we are all beautiful in our own way and if your aim is self-improvement for self-gratification then I will be here to help you be your best and brightest self.

Following my passion over the years has led me to Sally Slimming Studio. My greatest achievement to date will always be sharing my extensive knowledge of beauty and health with someone and having them achieve their goals they have set for themselves. Becoming healthy is easy with the right mindset.

Knowledge is only half the battle. In order to better yourself you have to act on that knowledge and dedicate yourself every waking moment to become the person you want to be.

Meet Keren

My full names are Keren-Happuch Danielle Hardnick , but I go by the name Keren. I’m 23 years of age. I am a qualified somatologist and currently doing my BA degree in psychology and communication science. My love for accentuating, transforming and attending to my clients concern has shown greatly in their confidence over the years and thus has led me to possess a passion in the mental health and psychology industry. I believe once you are both confident in your mind and comfortable in your skin, great things can be achieved 

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